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Virgo Horoscope 2017

These are general predictions for Virgo born for 2017 based up on the Moon Sign/ Ascendant, whichever is stronger in the chart, as well as on the basis of transit of other planets during the year. Specific predictions depend upon the placement and strength of planets present in the chart of an individual. These predictions will highlight the results of benefic planet Jupiter and also the adverse effect of malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Precautions and few remedies are also suggested.

At the beginning of year 2017, Jupiter will be transiting in the twelfth house in Leo. Saturn will be transiting in third house in Scorpio sign. Rahu and Ketu will enter your twelfth and sixth house in Leo and Aquarius Signs respectively from 31 Jan 2017.

Family Life

This year may not give good results. You may remain disturbed due to family matters. There is also possibility to change the residence for some you at far away distance. You may not be happy with developments. Months from February to August 2017 may create tension and problems. After this some relief is seen due to transit of Jupiter but expenses may remain high during this period. In spite of all this you will be able to face the situation boldly and will try to find out the possible ways to come out of the mess. Health of children should be taken care of and try to maintain good relations with the elders and seniors.

Finance and Job

Situation at work place will generally be satisfactory throughout the year. Hard work done in the past may bring some good results. Monetary position will also be good but higher expenditures may keep you disturbed. You may also get involved in some unnecessary legal complications or allegations. Do not sign any documents without going through the same properly. Do not trust any person unnecessarily. You will get respect and honor at your workplace. You have to be careful during the month of June and July 2017. Colleagues will also be helpful. Opponents will try to tarnish your image but you will be able to win over them easily and they may not be able to harm you.

Financially also this year can be considered favorable. You will be able to strengthen your financial position. The results will be more favorable after August 2017 when you will also get the support of your family members for financial matters. Loan will be easily available. You may also be interested to purchase or investing in a home after August 2017.

Marriage and Love Life

For lovers, beginning of the year may not be considered positive. There may be misunderstanding causing some temporary separation. Good results can be expected only after August 2017. There may also be disturbance in married life relations which will also improve after mid of the year. Months of March and April may create some misunderstanding. Care should be taken and you should avoid any involvement in hot or harsh arguments.


Health will be generally good throughout the year. Stomach related problems may be the cause of concern. Also beware of some minor injuries.


This year will generally give good results for students after mid of the year. But lack of concentration or desperate mood may prevail throughout the year.

Jupiter (transit) effect on Moon Sign Virgo:

Jupiter transit over your 12th house will generally gives average results so far as matters related to family and professional life are concerned. Transit of Jupiter in 12th house may also cause some restlessness. You have to work hard to achieve desired results. Second half of the year is better as compared to the first half. Those who wish to marry, this is a good time. You will feel energized and will feel happy with your income sources. You may have inclination towards religious activities.

Rahu (transit) effect on Moon Sign Virgo:

Transit of Rahu may not give favorable results. Expenditures will be equally high. You may face problems at your workplace. You may also face some litigation problems.

Ketu (transit) effect on Moon Sign Virgo:

Ketu transit will give favorable results. You will progress with sound financial position. You will be able to write off the loan if already taken. Opponents will be trying to plot against you but you will be able to win over them. Some auspicious activities may take place at home.

Saturn (transit) effect on Moon Sign Virgo:

Saturn transit will also give favorable results. You will gain courage and confidence. At professional front you may be promoted. Family life will also be supportive but you have to cautious for your health particularly pain in shoulders or arthritis pain.


You should be careful during the months from February to August 2017 which may bring mental tension.

Lucky Gem



You should worship Lord Ganesha daily and serve cows with green fodder on Wednesday.

  • Some of auspicious results of Jupiter may be reduced by the transit of Rahu during first half of the year.
  • Second half of the year will give more auspicious results.
  • Avoid any legal complications.
  • Generally a good year.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha.

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