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Chinese Gender Predictor

We all wants to know that our coming baby will be a boy or girl!! However in this moderen era it doesnot matter that it is a boy or girl both are equally loved by their parents, this tool is just for fun purpose because we always have excitment to know who is it!! so that we can prepare ourself for that, this simple tool will guess for you who it can be a boy or a girl, This tool is based on the chineese calendar of gender Prediction.

This is very interseting Calculator that will find find out your baby gender by Chinese calendar, This is a very unique calculator you just have to select your age and month at conception, and it will guess your baby's gender on the basis of chinese calendar.

How it Works!!

This Calculator use Chinese calendar of gender prediction, as your Chinese age differs from your western age we first calculate Chinese age, based on the calculation of Chinese calendar your current Chinese age is drived, which will be used in the main predictor, you will enter your age and month of conception, and whatever your input is this calculator matches that with the Chinese calendar to predictor whether it is a boy or a girl.

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Please provide your detals in comment or email me at, you can also call me at +91-7600000069
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