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If a Man takes birth at a time on that time, the state of the tenement in galaxy effect on the whole life of that person. Horoscope includes the twelve stages. Where include twelve sunshine and nine tenements. In advance we should tried to understand you and also clear the subject that whose planet with horoscope and sitting in the sense and how the fruit. A lamp makes a brightness in the dark same like through horoscopy give the starting point of events that occurs in our life.

You can get your horoscope and free astrology from the astrologers. he also gives you the tips

In this article we will tried to give you knowledge about the free astrology and simple knowledge about how you can check and give the information of horoscope of other persons. Simply a planets in horoscope effects same on both male and female. You can check about this through calendar which time, which planet, which state work in a horoscope. All the readers are known about that whole family members fate’s connected with each other. for example: Wife horoscope’s tenement are effect on husband, Same as wife is also effected.

When a child is under the parent’s shelter, the child’s good and bad horoscope effect their parents and also brother/sister. Same like when a girl not gets married, horoscope of girl effects their family.

Astrology consultancy in india

India astrology is the oldest system of astrology on our earth. Astrology Consultancy in India is totally different from Western astrology. Overall astrology depends on the stars, moon and planet movement. In India, astrology based on person’s date of Birth, time of Birth and place of Birth. We provide the various services for our clients such as:

These are mainly six services provided to the people. Best astrology consultancy service are being greatly demand in the market for their effectiveness, high reliability thats why we provide astrology consultancy in india . Every person before getting a married theymatch the kundali of boy and girl with each other and consult with astrologer. Astrologer uses the methods of astrology and helps to calculate the compatibility and maximum gunn with your partner. This methods helps to analyze your future life. how you can comfortable with each other. a business man also concern with astrologer. When a person want to start their own business they want to know following questions:

  • What is the good time for business?
  • When you can invest the money in business?
  • Where you can start your business?
  • Which business gives you more profit?

All these questions have solution only Astrology. Astrology helps to check out your Birth chart and analyze the position and behavior of planets, moon, and stars. Astrologer provide the best and effective answers of our question related to our life. so if you have any query anytime consult with us. We provide the world’s best service. You can clear your all doubts related to your life. you may contact with us by visiting our website and by call. We have the key to open your happiness door.

horary astrology

Horary astrology is another part of astrology. To predict the future events you must need birth time, Birth place and date of Birth. Incorrect information creates problems. because, it give the wrong suggestion to predict your future. It is difficult to make correct decision. In this situation we will use the Horary astrology. Horary chart generally drawn for the moment to ask the question and Horary analyze the question and produce the optimal solution. this techniques is use to answering the questioning by astrology chart with exact time and place of question. In advanced astrology it include the specific number. The question will be sentenced as a answer of yes or no. it all depends on the Planets position and produce the answer by analysis the behavior, position and movements of planets. For example : if you enter the question will I have some difficulties in life today? it is typically so questions should be correct sentence like : today is my luck day ? this is produce the answer yes or no. if you want to know more answer wait for few time ask one by one you will receive all the answers. Our astrology specialist provides the different technique of Horary astrology. You just need to enter date of birth, time of birth and place of birth we analyze your whole life past, present and future events. Produce the answers based on your questions. All the planets and houses have different work according to the situation you can learn about more with the help of astrology. This is your choice to choose the way to analysis your life events. This is methods to know more about your question and it produce the answer. For more information you can consult with us via our website and phone call. We provide you free astrology and best service to solve your problems by simply answer the questions.

Free Calculators in Free Astrology

If you are looking for free astrology calculators in free astrology then there are many calculators. We can categories in followings types.
1. Love Calculators
2. Astrology Calculators
3. Other Interesting Calculators
Following are the calculators categories wise

1. Love Calculators: There are many love calculators in astrology. Following are the few love calculators.

1. Rate Your date Calculator
2. Secret Crush Calculator
3. Friendship Compatibility Calculator
4. Name Compatibility Calculator
5. Zodiac Compatibility Calculator
6. Birthdates Compatibility Calculator
7. Love Match Calculator
8. Love Horoscope

2. Astrology Calculators: Following are the Free Astrology calculators.

1. Manglik or Mangal Dosh Calculator
2. Shubh Din Calculator
3. Kaal Sarp Dosh or Yog Calculator
4. Kundli Software or Calculator in Hindi or English
5. Horoscope or Kundli Matching Online
6. Know About Your Sun Sign Calculators
7. Today Rahu Kaal Time Calculator
8. Numerology Calculator
9. Name Setting Calculator
10. Check Gandmool Dosh Calculator
11. Rashifal in Hindi Calculator
12. Daily Panchang Calculator

3. Others Calculators : Following are the others calculators in Free Astrology. These can be use for vashikaran Specialist.

1. Death Calculator
2. Crystal Ball Prediction Calculator
3. Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator
4. Child Planner Calculator
5. Past Life Reading Calculator
6. Know Your Alphabet Calculator
Use these interesting calculators and send your reports to us. Get

Your Horoscope and Cases solved



This horoscope is the symbol to begin a new artistry. It make the person untamed encourage, power, symbol of sacrifice. Despair , vecly , prabav all are change according to the sun. he is sanguine. It is the mistress of east side. It is a element of fire. It is more strong at night. His cast is kshatriya. Its behavior is ruthless and agile.



it is also powerful in night. His cast is bhramin. His henchman is a religious, rich, kindness, intelligent, smart. This sunsign placed in mouth that include tongue and neck also. It is also a the white and earth element.



it is a green character same like a size of male. It is a symbol of Strength, intelligence and encourage. It is a mistress if west side. The state of this horoscope same like child. It belongs to vaishya cast. It includes shulders, arms, hands and lungs.



This horoscope is the mistress of north side. It is also belong the state of child. The person of this horoscope is always hydrous, full with happiness. It is the symbol of sympathy, cooperative with others.



it is the mistress of east side. The person of Leo horoscope is calm behavior and intelligent. The cast of this horoscope is kshatriya. It always think from heart. It is more powerful in day. The behavior of this horoscope same like Aries horoscope.



This horoscope include Nut- brown, women, mistress of south side, element of earth, and powerful at night. Its behavior same like Gemini horoscope. This horoscope is the symbol of beloved and power.



The Libra horoscope include male cast, element of wind, mistress of west side, strong in day and ruthless behavior. The nature of this horoscope is to gain knowledge and think broadly.



This horoscope include the cast of female, element of water, straight forword, strong at night. It is the mistress of north side. The nature of this horoscope is clear, self willed, and determination. This horoscope is the symbol of heart string and power.



: This horoscope depend on cast of male, strong in day, body is the element of fire. It is the mistress of east side. The nature of the person to achieve the goals, lovable, kind, and fulfill the desires.



: This horoscope involve the responsible, patient, loyal, element of earth. It is the mistress of south side. It is more powerful at night. It also have some weakness inhibited, distrusting, anger.



In This Astro is the mistress of west side. The persons of this horoscope are faithful. It also include clever, witty, and original in nature. It is more powerful in day. Persons that related with this horoscope are make adventures in life, invent, etc.



It is the mistress of north side. This horoscope involve the cast of female, element of water etc. it is strong at night. This horoscope belongs to that persons that have cleverness, strong, saint, rich.